eastgallery is an extention of gallerywest, a window space for contemporary art located in the east window at 1172 Queen Street West. The space will host on-going projects curated by Toronto-based artist Brette Gabel.

Brette Gabel is a graduate of the University of Regina with a B.A. Honours in Theatre Studies and a minor in Visual Arts. While in school Brette began embroidering, quilting and watching horror movies. Following school, Brette moved to Toronto where she participated in the Toronto School of Art’s Independent Studio Program where she investigated her interest in the both the macabre and textile crafts. After which she became a contributing member to the White House Studio. Recently Brette has lived in Regina, Saskatchewan where she has participated as the University of Regina’s artist in residence and Windsor, Ontario where she was an emerging artist in residence. Currently Brette resides in Toronto. Brette’s work strives to connect love, fear, heartache and the grotesque with craft and social interventions. Brette is currently an MFA candidate at OCAD University.

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Current exhibit

Heidi Nagtegaal

The chakra tent was me recovering from a particularly hard break up – I made a safe space for me, in the form of a tent (I love camping) and in rainbow chakra colours because for real, it was a metaphysical fashion tool. Hahah.

Heidi Nagtegaal is an artist, writer and facilitator living in Vancouver, BC. After recieving her BFA from ECUAD in 2005, Nagtegaal has gone on to found local arts initiatives such as the Hammock Residency and Headbands and Bracelets, parallel to her own practice.